Specifications OpenScanStripe Resolution 1.3 mega pixels Accuracy 0.02mm Scanning Range 100mm x 100mm x 75mm Scanning Speed complete denture 35 sec the upper jaw / lower jaw 53 sec 2-8 dies 40~50 sec, single die 35 sec dental prosthesis 60 sec Scanning Mode Non-contact white light scanning Temperature 0°~30° Size 476mm x 335mm x 307mm Weight 22.5KG Output STL Interface USB Power AC 220V , 50HZ
Laserdenta Laserdenta
While the white light scanner is optimized for  high speed fully automatic digitizing of cutted  models the laser line scanner is optimized for  the scan of uncutted models with the  possibility of an user adjusted scanning for  rescanning of hidden areas.
Laserdentium offers two types of scanners:  one white light stripe scanner OpenScanStripe with two rotation axes and one laser line scanner OpenScanLine with three translation and two rotation axes
Specifications OpenScanLine Resolution 0,005mm Accuracy 0.02mm Scanning Range 100mm x 100mm x 50mm Scanning Speed 60 seconds single die    8 minutes entire jaw Scanning Mode Non-contact laser line scanning Temperature 0°~50° Size 418mm x 418mm x 555mm Weight 25KG Output STL Interface 2 x USB 2.0 Power AC 110V-230V , 50HZ
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