2004 foundation of Laserdenta AG Basel/Swiss
With development of the 5-Axis Scanner, the Laserdenta AG was established in the year  2004 in Basel/Swiss. The development center was placed in Bergheim/Germany. 2009 Foundation of Laserdenta GmbH Bergheim/Germany In 2009 Laserdenta started the assembing of hardware in Bergheim. Laserdenta presented itself as a system supplier in the dental CAD/CAM area. The system components exhibited, scanner, software and milling device, have been entirely designed and programmed in the company’s own development center in Bergheim. The product range is rounded by both standard and innovative materials which allow significant broadening of the application possibilities of CD/CAM systems.
2010 Foundation of Laserdentium GmbH Bergheim/Germany Dr. Wolfgang Kirchner founded Laserdentium GmbH in 2010 with the intention to redesign a complete digital workflow – hard- and software, optimized for the production with the Full Milled Crown method. At the moment, a staff of 5 people is entrusted with the development of hardware and software. Following the motto "Made in Germany", production of the scanner and milling devices is also done in Germany. Since years, close collaboration has been entered with a manufacturer of engineering products in southern Germany, who is specialized in hired labor of high-tech equipment. 2010 Finishing of Laserdentiums new company building Location. Laserdentium’s production and support center is in 50126 Bergheim, Germany - nearby Cologne. Training and lecture rooms for CAD, CAM and Material design are established in Bergheim. 2013 Laserdentium takes over the business of Laserdenta In 2013 Laserdentium GmbH continues the operative business of Laserdenta GmbH. Contact adresses and office adress are also transfered to Laserdentium GmbH.
Dental Solutions
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