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Sintering Furnace     Denta-Star S1plus Heating from 3 sides quick heating and cooling periods up to 30 units on two levels Industrial control 6 indivdual adjustable sintering programs Technical Data   Voltage: 230 V (50/60 Hz) Current: ≤ 10 A Power: ≤ 1000 W Temperature ≤ 1550 °C Heating rate ≤ 999 K/h Working volume: 70/100/70 mm (W/D/H) Size: 450/390/660 mm (W/D/H) Weight: 62 kg Power consumption:  ca. 6,85 kW/h (Standard-ZrO2-program)
Dust Collector DustPro400 BOFA’s DustPRO 400 dust, fume and particulate extraction system has been developed for the safe and effective removal of swarf and smaller particulates during processes such as routing, mechanical engraving, grinding and turning. One of the main problems with other router extraction relates to the type of pump used. Most have brushed motors which are noisy in operation and frequently burn out, with the average life of brushes being around 800 hours. The pump used in the DustPRO 400 dust and fume extraction system is brushless and designed for continuous running with minimum 30,000 hours use before servicing. They generate high vacuums and are quiet in operation. The large capacity bag filter has a very high efficiency. Technical Data 230V 115V Dimensions (HxWxD) 510 x 280 x 256mm Cabinet Construction Powder coated mild steel Powder coated mild steel Airflow / Pressure 400m³/hr / 96mbar Electrical Data 90 - 257v 1ph 50/60Hz Full load current: 12.5 amps / 1.1kw 16A trip ON / OFF Switch Noise Level < 66dBA* Weight 9.1kgs